What kinds of answer phone deals are offered by BT?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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At the moment BT only has 2 answer machine offers. One can either go for the cheaper option which is the BT Response 75+ or pay a few pounds more for the ATL Delta 40.

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Q: What kinds of answer phone deals are offered by BT?
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What is offered within the BT VoIP service?

The 'BT VoIP service' offers a cost-effective alternative to a standard business phone. One could purchase this packet either on-line or over the phone with a sales advisor.

What is the purpose of BT Answer phone service?

The purpose of the BT answer phone service is to answer a phone automatically. One can find this information online in online resources about the BT phone.

Can you get broadband internet at BT deals?

Yea i dont even know what the heck BT deals are, come on man why dont you just ask me how hot the sun can get. But from what i can find yes you can get BT deals but it seems in only some locations

What services are offered by BT Mango?

BT Mango offers cordless twin phones. This provides the service of allowing the user to be more free to move around when on the phone as they would not be restricted by a cord.

What services other than phone lines are offered by BT?

The BT company, although known for phone lines also offers a range of products and services for businesses. They offer broadband and internet, networking services, domains and hosting as well as IT support and security.

What services are offered by BT local business?

BT Local Business or BTLB deals with communication services like setting up land lines and internet broadband connections. It also provides consumer support by giving advices and technical assistance.

Which companies offer phone internet bundles?

The companies that offer phone, internet bundles are: Virgin Media, Talk Talk, Sky, BT, EE, Plusnet and Eclipse. To compare the different deals from these providers you can use the U Switch website to compare the top broadband and phone deals.

Where can one find BT landline deals?

BT landline deals are widely available at provider-sites. The market is competitive and it is advisable to compare prices. Also there are deals available for certain limited time frame.

What services are offered by BT Studio?

BT Studio is not a service provider. BT is a service provider, whereas BT Studio is a type of product that BT offer. The BT Studio 3500, for example, is a cordless telephone with an answering machine.

How does one obtain a BT phone directory?

The BT phone directory is delivered annually to your doorstep by couriers acting on behalf of BT. the directory is now also online, the BT website has full details of this.

Which brands of cordless phones are offered by BT?

The brands of cordless phones offered by British Telecoms (BT) include the BT 6500 (with nuisance call blocking), the Aura range (such as the Aura 1500) and the DECT range (such as the 2500 DECT).

What services does Bt Internet Sign In provide?

One can2 get the following packages at BT: "Phone", "Broadband and Phone", BT Infinity and Phone" and "TV, Broadband and Phone". At the moment there is a special offer which gets you the first 6 months for free.