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Q: What kind of unit is a goodman model number pc030-1b?
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What kind of car does john goodman own?

around 200 pounds

What Kind Phone has model number LGVS840?

The LG Lucid, Android smartphone.

Where does a person find the model number on the tent?

There should be a tag inside the tent with the model number and what materials it is made from. Kind of like the tag on a matress or pillow.

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Would need model name to answer.

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Would need name and model of gun to answer.

I have a sears 30-06 from the 50s. the model number is 273.1830. serial number is 21494. it is a model 53. i need any kind of information i can get on this rifle please.?

it was made by Winchester for sears basically its a model 70 Winchester.

What year is a Winchester model 70?

If you would be kind enough to include your serial number,then we would be able to date your Model 70 Winchester for you.

Riffle not sure what kind it is you do have a model number?

Not without a detailed description of all markings and features.

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You need to providethe model number/nomenclature/description of the watch.

What kind of saw is this is It is De Walt serial number 15991 model 3 f?

That is not a DeWalt model number. Check again. I have a number of DeWalt tools and the model numbers all start with 'D' followed by a letter and at least 2 numbers, ie DW384 or D705