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turbo 350 or 700r4 turbo 350 or 700r4

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Q: What kind of transmissions can you use with Chevy 350 automatic?
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What is the Automatic transmissions for a 1969 Chevy C10 pick-up?

The optional transmissions were the Powerglide, the Turbo-Hydramatic 350 and 400.

Is there any difference in the automatic transmissions of a 1990 Chevy truck that came with a 4.3 or a 350 engine?

No difference at all.

In 1968 what kind of transmissions came in the Chevy Chevelle with a350 engine?

turbo 350 transmission.

What kind of 3 speed automatic transmission in your 1979 Chevy c-10?

turbo 350

What type of transmission will fit in a 350 engine?

There are several GM automatic transmissions that have the Chevy bolt pattern. Powerglide, TH200, TH2004R, TH350, TH375, TH400, TH700R4. These same transmissions also came with the BOP bolt pattern, so make sure you get one from a Chevy.

What transmissions fit a Oldsmobile 403?

TH-350 is the automatic that would. Hope this helps.

Is Chevy 95 and 96 silverado z71 350 4wheeldrive transmissions compatible?

Yes thay are.

Will a 350 vortex transmission be compatible to a chevy 305 motor?

Yep! The transmissions are completely interchangeable.

Can you put a 350 Chevy engine in a 1985 s10 blazer without changing transmissions?

No, you can't. transmissions bellhousing is different in 60° V6 and L4

What transmissions is in a 1990 Chevy G 20 van?

Normally a TH 350 or a TH700r4 for the heavy work.

Can a Oldmobile 350 fit a Chevy 350 transmission?

The bolt pattern on Chevy engines is unique. There are TH350 transmissions with both the Chevy bolt pattern and the BOP (Buick, Olds, Pontiac) pattern, but they are becoming somewhat rare.

Transmissions change from a 1991 Chevy 305 to a 350?

Yes it will bolt right up, no problem. As long as the 350 is close to the same year as the 305.