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If the block has been bored and honed with modern equipment, you should have no problem getting moly rings to seal properly.

Iron rings seal faster, but don't last as long.

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Q: What kind of piston rings do you need for a Chevy 350 bored 040?
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What can cause an Chevy colbat to lose compression?

On one or all cylinders? a single cylinder compression loss may be a stuck or bent valve, or even bad piston rings. Engine wide would have to be some kind of massive valve train failure.

What does the arrows on a Chevy 350 piston mean?

The arrow would normally indicate the front.You said arrows... Is there more than one arrow on the piston in question? What kind of piston?Anyway, a stock or stock replacement piston usually has one arrow or a little notch in it and that is to indicate the front.

How do you replace a piston on a small engine?

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What kind of rebuilt kit do you need for a Chevy 350 4 bolt main engine?

It depends on what needs to be replaced. A rebuild kit can consist of rings, bearings, and gaskets, but can also be ordered with everything but the block and heads.

Who makes L2416 030 pistons?

This is kind of a generic part number. The "L" usually means it's a forged piston, and the 2416 is the characteristics of that piston. TRW has an L2416-F30. Same piston, just made by TRW.

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