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What kind of cushion
Contrary to what the salesman will tell you cushion is about comfort not wear. Pick the one that gives you a great feel & you will be happy.
Rebond: Looks like confetti, lots of little pieces shuck back together, is a great product and good value for the money
7/16" 6 pound density is a good place to start.
9/16" will feel more soft underfoot.. density is more important long term than thickness. alway pick 6 pounds or greater..
… Expect $.30-80 cents per sq ft as a fair price range
Bubble rubber: is a great product & feels great when you put it down, may not hold up as well over the long term and is a bit pricey. Sales people usually get an extra commission for selling it at a high price so expect to hear that it cures cancer & supports world peace. …Sold by the ounces per sq yard. 64 ounce is the entry level and 120 ounce is the premium stuff Expect $.60-2.00 cents per sq ft as a price range, there is a lot of mark up in this item if you're a negotiator this is a good place to trim the fat
Felt: is OK if you like a firm feel & or the environmental recycling story, fairly priced but not much feel under foot.
Sold by the ounces per sq yard. 40 ounce is the entry level and 80 ounce is the premium stuff Expect $.50-$1.20 cents per sq ft as a price range


The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends no pad be thicker then 1/2" and is best to be 7/16".

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Q: What kind of pad should you get for your carpet?
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What kind of pad do I need to cover tile floor with carpet?

You should get a thin pad that can provide cushioning when covering your tile floor with a layer of carpet. This is so that the carpet can be placed evenly on top without having the grooves of the tile show through

Should sponge rubber carpet pad be stapled or glued?

Gluing splices is the common way to lay pad for carpet.

Can you put hardwood floor over carpet padding?

No, carpet pad is both taller and softer then pads meant for floating laminate and wood floors. No pad of any kind should be used on any other type of wood installation.

Where are the best places for carpet pads.?

Before choosing your carpet pad, you should look at where you'll use it. Think about what kind of activities or traffic the room sees, and choose a pad that can take a beating if you think you'll be rough on it. If you stand a lot or have kids who will play there, consider thicker padding for increased comfort

Can you glue carpet to the pad?

Carpet is not supposed to be glued to the pad, and I really can't imagine what advantage that would give you.

Can you glue down carpet pad?

Yes and it is common when pad is being placed onto a cement substrate. It should be noted that when pad is glued, removing it later can be a very messy job.

What kind of pad should you use in Greece?

A Tampon.

Can you leave baking soda on carpet pad for good under the carpet?


How to Install a Carpet Runner?

A carpet runner can brighten up your home when placed in a strategic location such as a hallway, entry way or stair case. Installing a carpet runner can be simple provided that you have the correct tools and know how. To properly install a carper runner, you will need carpet padding, a razor blade, hammer gun/staple gun, straight edge, ruler, pad tape and for stair installations, an electric staple gun.1.) The first step in installing a carpet runner is to measure the area of the installation and map out the placement of the runner, using your straight edge as a guide. This will help to ensure that the carpet runner will be placed in its desired location.2.) Once the measurements have been completed and the placement has been mapped out, deduct an inch from the length and width of your measurements and use your razor blade to cut the carpet pad to that size.*Note: if you are installing your carpet runner on steps, the pad should only go on the tread of the steps, not the riser. Measure your pad to come out to the edge of the nose and a 1/2 gap should be left at the crotch of the step for stapling.3.) If there are any seams in your cut to size carpet pad, join them with pad tape.4.) Using your hammer gun/staple gun, secure the carpet pad in place, ensuring that the pad stays straight and that there is a half inch gap between the edge of the carpet pad and where the edge of your carpet runner will lay.5.) Roll the carpet runner out on top of your carpet pad, ensuring that it remains straight and centered.**If this is a hallway or entry way application, you are done!6.) If you are installing a carpet runner on stairs, you will now need to staple the carpet runner to the stairs with an electric staple gun. Staple the carpet to the nose and crotch of the stairs, ensuring that the carpet remains tight against the stairs.7.) Enjoy the beauty your new carpet runner has brought to your home!

How important is it to get a thicker pad under my new carpet?

It depends on where the carpet is installed. You want a thinner pad on high traffic areas. A thicker pad will give a softer, more luxurious feel.

Can you use peel and stick carpet over carpet padding?

No, the carpet pad moves far to much and your tile will look loose and crooked in a very short amount of time. Also, the carpet pad will not allow the adhesive to bond to it.

How much does it cost for carpet and installation of a room 91.5 by 11.5 feet a lower grade carpet?

$1550 uninstalled with pad, $2025 installed with pad