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Hi, I'm Ken with The Home Depot. I've taken a look at three different models of Yard Machine snow blowers and they all show in the specifications to use 5W-30W weight oil.

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Q: What kind of oil does a yard machine snowblower take?
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What is the oil to gas ratio for a 4.5hp 21 inch MTD Yard Machine Snowblower?

50 to 1

How does one properly use a yard machine snowblower safely?

In order to use a yard machine snow blower safely and properly, you must first read the safety manual and instructions and be sure to follow them correctly.

Who manufactures 357cc engine for yard machine snowblower?

The engine is manufactured in China, which I am assuming you mean the Powermore 357cc engine. The plant in China is a partnership of MTD in Canada...

What kind of oil do you use on a yard machine 6.75?

SAE 30 or SAE 10W30.

Which Snowblowers on the market have similar features to the MTD Snowblower system?

There are several snow blowers on the market that have similar features as the MTD Snowblower system. These are the Troy-Bilt, Yard Machines and Poulan to name a few.

How do you change the oil on a yard machine snow-thrower?

On my 8hp model, there is a drain that comes straight off the back of the engine. If you are standing behind the snowblower, bend down and look at the back of the engine between the handles. You should see a square plug. Unscrew that, oil will flow.

Valve setting 15.5 hp yard machine mower?

What is the valve setting on a 15.5 hp yard machine mower by MTD?

Who makes yard machine lawn mowers?


Why won't Yard Machine by MTD Model 2M1 snowblower shut off when key removed?

More than likely the wire that runs from the ignition switch to the kill switch is disconnected, loose, or broken. The wire starts at the OFF position of the ignition switch and connects to another wire that shuts off the engine.

Will Yard machine lawn tractor do reverse mowing?


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Mean machine

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