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Q: What kind of oil does a m-20 transmission take?
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What kind of transmission oil does a 1995 Chevy Suburban take?

Dextron II fluid.

What kind of transmission oil my car take?

The kind the OEM prescribes for it. We can't tell you what that is, because we don't know the make and model of your car, nor do we know what kind of transmission it has.

Honda Element transmission what kind of oil?

what kind of oil is used

What kind of motor oil does a cr 125 take?

80 85 transmission oil buy at any bike shop

What kind of oil does it take for a rear transfer case on a 1995 jeep?

Automatic transmission fluid, dextron 3

Do manual transmissions take transmission fluid?

Kind of, there's no actual transmission fluid, however another fluid, normally Gearbox oil sometimes has to be added.

What kind of fluid for 95 grand am manual transmission?

manual transmissions take 90 weight gear grease / oil

What kind of transmission fluid in 1999 ml320?

what kind of special transmission oil for 1998 mercedes benz ml 320?

What kind of transmission fluid does a 2004 Yamaha YFZ 450 take?

yfz don't take transmission fluid its motor oil go to your local ATV motorcycle shop and get a oil filter and 2 qts of yamalube engine oil regular motor oil makes cluches slip change oil and filter every 20 hours

What kind of fluid transmission for a Ford Ranger 1998?

I am trying to change the oil transmission on my ford ranger 1998 but I do not know what kind of oil it needs. it's a 4 cylender

How can you tell what kind of fluid you need in a 1993 Mazda Navajo manual transmission you heard some take motor oil some take auto trans oil some gear oil and others take manual trans fluid HELP?

all automatic transmissions take automatic transmission fluid engine oil is to thick a viscosity, and diff oil even even thicker if you have owner manuel for vehicle there will be a listing of which oil to use,

How do you drain transmission Chrysler 2.7?

You have to take the oil pan off of the transmission.