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Aetna is a medical insurance provider that covers medical visits, hospital care, and pharmaceuticals. Aetna is an American company based in the city of Hartford, Connecticut.

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Q: What kind of life insurance does the company Aetna sell?
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Aetna Life Insurance Company?

my brother-in-law was receiving checks from your life insurance co. he had just passed away we need to know if this surviving family member can get his life insurance to pay his funeral cost

What is AETNA Philippines?

AETNa Philippines is a health insurance company. It is a Life Insurance with a Hospital Plus Plan. It has an accidental insurance coverage. I was a member of this in March 2000. I have been paying this company monthly for almost nine years now. It has as address: Aetna Insurance, Inc., Aetna Center, 104 Herrera St., Legaspi Village, 1229 Makati City. The problem is that all the telephones of this insurance company are not working except two which kept on ringing or ends as a voice mail or sends you a fax tone. Can you tell me if it still exists? I have no time to verify its whereabouts (address).

my husband just passed away i had life insurance through work for 50,000 i'm told that the amount i get will be up to the insurance company aetna. can they do that?

It would depend on what the contract said if it was term life or not.

How can I find out if a career in Aetna would be suitable for me?

Aetna is an insurance company that sells products such as group life,disabilty, medical and other types of insurance products.They do have internship programs for students and grads and there are training programs available for people with limited qualifications.

How can one get a quote for Aetna life insurance?

There are many places one might go to obtain a quote for Aetna life insurance. The most reputable resource outside of a local insurance agent would be the official website.

What insurance companies have 50 life cover?

The most popular company that has 50 life cover insurance is MetLife. Some other companies that have 50 life cover insurance are Aetna Group, Allstate, State Farm, Liberty Mutual and many more.

What type of life insurance policies are carried by Aetna?

Aetna offers several different types of life insurance policies which would include, basic, supplemental, dependent and accidental death. There is also supplemental accidental death and supplemental dependent life insurance to choose from.

Is Aetna Dental Met Life dental owned by the same company?

Aetna dental and Met Life dental are not owned by the same company. They are owned by separate organizations and cover different things.

Is there a such life insurance company as federal life insurance company?

There is an insurance company called Federal Life Insurance Company.

Where can one obtain a cheap life assurance plan?

The insurance company Aetna is the best life assurance plan. It helps your offspring and ensures security throughout your entire life. It is one of the best assurance plans out there.

What life insurance company did company employees have?

I am trying to find information on a paid up Life Ins. Policy with AETNA. It is a group policy from Scovill Manf. Co. Issued May 1, 1964. Paid up Oct. 23, 1980.

Who owns American income life insurance company?

Different people in different Places. Technically, Torchmark owns the company. But the policies are sold by different "agencies' which claim to be a part of the American Income Life Insurance company. Most legitimate insurance agencies either work directly for the company (i.e. New York Life, Aetna, or State Farm) or they work as Independent Underwriters who deal with a wide range of insurance companies to meet the needs of their individual clients. If the Holding company owns the Insurance company that owns the Agencies that own the Offices, what we have here is a Pyramid Scheme!