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# 00 Shell Alvania semi fluid grease

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Q: What kind of grease does a transmission on a self propelled push behind lawn mower take?
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Why won't the self propelled mower self propell?

Self propelled mowers are not self driven. The mower has a safety switch which does not allow the unit to turn on itself. A person is required to turn on and steer the mower.

How much does a lawnmower cost?

Since you don't specify, I will assume you mean a power mower. A stripped-to-the-bones walk-behind power mower? $140 - $180. A bells-and-whistles self-propelled walk behind? $350 - $400. A lawn tractor? $1,000 and up.

How do you put transmission fluid in Murray riding mower?

It does not take fluid it takes grease and unless you open it up there is no need to change

Can a Briggs and stratton self-propelled lawn mower be pulled backwards even with the engine shut off?

I've never owned a self-propelled mower, but I would think there would be a lever to engage the wheels for self-propulsion. If the lever is in neutral. I would think you would be able to pull the mower backwards on all four wheels. If there is no lever and the mower is self-propelled at all times, you would have to raise the wheels that are propelled in order to pull the mower backwards.

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Broken Belt

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6 HP

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A person should have to push very little on the Toro Personal Pace Mower to make it move. The mower is equipped so that it is self-propelled and should move while walking behind it, while holding onto the handlebar.

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a grease gun

What horse power does a hrb 216 self propelled mower have?

6 HP

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