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There are thousands of different bacterial species in the oral flora, and they differ from person to person. So you will acquire different bacteria that are most likely harmless. But maybe not, so be careful out there!

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Q: What kind of germs can you get from french kissing?
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Does Eskimo kissing have more germs than french kissing?

No, because when you Eskimo kiss, your lips aren't actually touching, and when you French kiss, your lips ARE touching, and your tounges are in each others' mouths.

Is french kissing bad for your teeth?

It shouldn't be bad for anything ! Kissing with inserting the tongue into the other persons mouth may pick-up bugs and germs from their saliva though so always clean your mouth and teeth after french kissing.

Germs spread by kissing?

Yes, germs can be spread by kissing by pretty much doing anything, breathing, touching, sneezing,, talking..

Why is French kissing called French kissing?

because it is french kissing.

What kind of kissing techniques that are useful for french kissing?

lotion. KY jelly. warming oils. pull her hair.

What is the difference to hard and soft kissing?

Hard Kissing: Is intense and fast, such as french kissing or the specific kind when you move excitedly. Soft Kissing: Is a shy, slow moving, living the moment feeling. Such as the "movies/human kissing".

French kissing tips?

be french and then drown them whilst kissing

Do your tongues touch to each other's tongues while kissing?

They don't have to but they can. Kissing with tongues touching is referred to as French kissing.

Why french people like kissing?

they mad eup "french kissing" what do ya think!?

Is french kissing considered sexual contact?

French kissing is not sexual. Sexual contact iinvolves the sex organs, while French kissing is more of an oral stimulation.

What arts do the french perform?

French Kissing

What is the advanced form of french kissing?

The advanced form of french kissing is sticking your tongue in different places and kissing is and making out and differnet stuff like that