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Adele's fashion could be described as a vintage look.

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Q: What kind of fashion does Adele wear?
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What type of fashion does Adelle wear?

The type of fashion that Adele likes to weasr is called vintage.

What kind of hat doesJustin Bieber wear?

fashion hat

What kind of dog does Adele have?

Adele has a Dachshund

Does adele wear glasses?


How have Italian fashion influenced australians fashion?

Italians fashion has influenced australian fashion because of their designs or what they wear for example womens wear pants mostly black, button kind shirt or jumper (I don't know what its called) and a scarf.

What does fashion designers wear?

fashion disiners wear what ever they desighn

What do people in Spain wear and what kind of clothes?

They wear normal clothes like everyone else, there's lots of fashion designers in Spain too.

Which clothes do fashion designers wear at work?

fashion designers wear fashionable clothes

What kind of shoes do Buddhist wear?

I wear new balance sneakers mostly. I also wear Steve madden, nine west, Adidas, slides sandals fashion shoes and boots.

What kind of style do Italians wear?

Italians wear many types of clothing which may change depending on weather. Italians are usually up to date with fashion and wear clothing that is in style.

Is Adele skinny or fat?

She is kind of in the middle.....

Explain the role of a fashion designer in the fashion industry?

A fashion designer designs fashion. With out a fashion designer, there would be no fashion, no clothes. Basicly, they design an outfit that a company will maufacture or, the designer will compose the outfit they made. so that either the model can wear it, or every day people. and there is more than one kind of fashion designer.