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Progressive auto insurance is a well respected nationwide insurance provider. You will most likely receive quite comprehensive coverage but you should check the details of each specific policy to make certain.

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Q: What kind of coverage will you get with progressive auto insurance?
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What kind of homeowners insurance policy does Progressive offer?

Progressive Insurance offers many types of home owners insurance. They have three separate levels of coverage which one can choose from from standard policies to full coverage. Full details of their home insurance coverage can be found on the Progressive website, under Home Insurance Policies.

What kind of insurance does AARP provide?

Aarp offers Health insurance, dental coverage, life insurance as well as home owner's and auto insurance.

What is insurance class code 2118301?

What line of business (kind of coverage - Auto, GL...), please?

Does auto insurance cover accidental fire damage?

The kind of coverage that would be necessary is called comprehensive coverage. It usually sold in conjunction with collision coverage.

What kind of auto insurances does Progressive offer?

Progressive is famous for their automobile insurance. They offer all forms of vehicle insurance as well as life insurance and home insurance. Customers can use their snapshot option to find out about the different kinds.

What kind of insurance coverage can we get for a borrowed vehicle that doesn't have any insurance on it because the owner doesn't drive it. We have insurance coverage on our vehicles?

Some insurance companies like Progressive will cover a non-owned vehicle meaning a vehicle in which you have no legal or financial interest. Check around if your insurance company does not provide coverage to non-owned vehicles.

What kind of auto insurance does Erie Insurance offer?

Erie Insurance auto insurance plans include coverage for bodily injury liability, medical payments, property damage liability, collision, comprehensive, and uninsured/underinsured motorists.

What to look for in a low cost auto insurance?

The important thing to look for in any auto insurance is what kind of coverage you get, how good the customer service is when you need them, and what kind of driving record they require you to have. Low cost does no good is the product or service is bad.

Is there an insurance company list?

It depends on what kind of insurance you are seeking. For auto insurance, Progressive Insurance will show you the rates of some of their competitors. For other insurance, you can usually find a site that searches several insurance company rates.

When getting auto insurance for a Chrysler what should one consider?

When getting auto insurance for any car the first things people should take into consideration is what kind of insurance and coverage they want as well as how much they can afford to pay.

What kind of insurance does express insurance offer?

Express Insurance offers nearly every type of insurance coverage including; auto, renter's, homeowner's, life, and umbrella which you can bundle into packages to save money.

Can you get auto insurance after a major accident?

Yes you can but you may be surcharged and your premiums increased depending on your prior driving record and the kind of coverage you had.