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The type of car insurance that you get really depends upon if you're a young driver, if you need Classic Car Insurance and etc. All drivers in Pennsylvania are required to have at least a $5,000 Property Insurance just in case you hit a fence or something.

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Q: What kind of car insurance should I get for a new driver in Pennsylvania?
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What kind of car insurance can I get for a disabled driver in Pennsylvania?

you should be able to get any type of car insurance you need. because Pennsylvania is a no fault state so disability should not matter when choosing from the different insurance companys. The reason I know this is because I was hit by another motorist whom ran a light and I still had to pay to get my car fixed

Will insurance pay if driver drinking?

No. No kind of insurance covers drunk driving.

What kind of protection does auto insurance give?

Liability insurance financially protects a driver who is not a fault in an accident by paying for damages. It will protect the driver who is at fault from being sued for damages.

What kind of insurance should you ask your tenant to carry?

Renters insurance .

What kind of services are covered by Erie Auto Insurance?

Erie Auto Insurance is an insurance provider based out of the state of Pennsylvania. The company offers competitive rates for car, health, home, and life insurance.

What kind of car insurance will I get if I am a new driver in Texas?

You will need to get a coverage that you can afford but at the same time will pay for the accident, because according to Texas state law, the driver responsible for the accident will have to pay for the accident. Insurance is a must have and you should compare the rates from multiple companies and get the one with better coverage.

What driver should you buy?

Be more specific. What kind of driver? What model and year?

What kind of health insurance do Supreme Court justices have?

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yes most factories should protect themselves with any kind of insurance even pollution liability insurance. If they ever get sued they wont legally be upheld for any kind of medical damages.

What kind of details do I need to provide to get a free online auto insurance quote?

Name adress model of car and if you are a good driver.

What kind of deserts do they have in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania has no deserts.

What kind of insurance should I get for my employees?

At the very least, that required by the laws of your country.