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Q: What kind of boots does the character Hank Moody wear in the show Californication?
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Which comedy drama series has the character of the novelist Hank Moody as its protagonist dealing with writer's block and complications of his personal life?


What kind of Nike shoes does the character Hank Moody wear in the show Californication?

I believe those are Nike Cortez most simillar for me

HOW OLD IS hank moody supposed to be from californication?

45 in the first season, so by now the character should be 48/49.. Although David Duchovny is 51

What does hank drink in californication?


What kind of cellphone does the character Hank Moody use on the show?

Motorola Razor-ish like.

What whiskey does hank drink on californication?

Talikser 10 yo

Who plays hank's dad in californication? Mark Margolis

What is the name of the song on californication when hank gets his car stolen?

Pretender - Foo Fighters

What happens after the surfer girl and Hank spend the night together on Californication?

She robs him

What is californication about?

Californication is a show on showtime about a man named Hank Moody a book writer that has not made a hit book for a long time. He is somewhat of a drunk and tends to have a substance problem. He seems to always mess up his chance with his ex who hes in love with and strugles with there teenage daughter. He lives the party life style. It's actually quite a good show and you can check it out at Hope that helps.

What is the title of Showtime's Californication theme song I am aware who the artist is Tree Adams I am looking for the title of the song?

Hank's Theme.

What was the closing song of Californication Season 4 episode 6. While Hank and Abby met in the bar?

danny saber deposit box