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Q: What keeps your body alive and healthy?
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why is water wet and why is it called water and were did they discover water and why is your boby fluids made out of water?

what water does for your body?It keeps us hydrated and keeps you moving and helps the brain and keeps your blood stream flowing and keeps you healthy and strong and it keeps your body alive and your musclse healthy and keeps you from a heat stroak and all the other diseases

What are the benefits of sports in your body?

It keeps your body healthy and keeps your weight managable.

What do apple do for your body?

It keeps you strong and healthy!

Are apples cool?

I don't see why it really matters, but if you want an answer, I would say yes. Because eating them keeps you healthy and being healthy keeps you alive.

How do a fish help your body?

by giving energy to your body, and keeps your body healthy

What does the muscles do for the body?

They make it move and keeps it alive.

What is fruit used for?

it keeps your body diet healthy

Why is water more important than silver and gold?

Water keeps us alive, keeps us healthy, and because water keeps plants alive which help keep down global warming.

What does healthy food do to the body?

Healthy food does what it says, keeps the body healthy along with other things such as helping you lose and maintain your weight

Which part of the body does salt keep healthy?

salt helps keeps the heart healthy

Why should you have a healthy blood sugar?

because blood is part of what keeps you alive, almost everything that keeps you alive and therefore you should keep healthy and you should value your life by keeping healthy. Many deaths are because of unhealthy or infected blood and you should therefore keep your blood health.

How do this vegetable help your body?

to keeps us healthy and strong