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Q: What is urine sensitivity Ofloxacin?
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What do the sensitivity numbers mean on a urine culture and sensitivity test?

sensitivity numbers means how the antibioic reacts in a certain bacteria

Is a microbiology test done with a urine specimen?

yes, example of urine culture and sensitivity.

What is the cpt code for urine culture and sensitivity?


Will ofloxacin cure boils?

boils are bacterial infections and ofloxacin definitely work for boils

What is the cpt code for urine sensitivity disk test?

F/M = Nitrofurantoin

What is the medical term meaning a combination of clinical lab tests performed on urine specimen?

Urinalysis is the typical chemical evaluation of urine via a combination of tests. A microbiologic evaluation could be called urine culture and sensitivity (urine C&S) or MCS- Microscopy, culture and sensitivity of urine. In the US, microscopy is typically ordered with the U/A, not the C&S.

How do you read urine culture and sensitivity report?

amikacin S 26 Gentamycin R

Can ofloxacin ophthalmic solution 0.3 percent treat pink eye?

does ofloxacin 3.0 treat pink eye

What do the abbreviations m and c and s mean in microbiology urine tests?

The abbreviations M, C and S in a microbiology urine test means microscopy, culture and sensitivity. The test is done to check for a urine infection.

What is urine cs test?

Urine C/S stands for urine culture and sensitivity.It is used to identify the microorganism that causes the infection (culture) and to find a suitable antibiobic which is susceptible to kill the microorganism (sensitivity) Hope it would help you..

Can ofloxacin be taken to cure typhoid?

Ofloxacin is fluroquinolone and one of the good drug for typhoid. You have to take 400 mg twice a day for ten days. But ciprofloxacin is probably better. Ofloxacin acts against the gram positive organisms better, but then it will cure the typhoid fever.

Why ofloxacin and ornidazole tablets are used in which disease?

loose motion