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Tulisa's Real Name Is Actually Tula Contostavlos.

But Frazer And Dappy Usually Call Her T For Short.

Tho She Likes Her Fans To Call Her Tulisa.

I Guess She Don't Really Mind Being Called T... x

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Q: What is tulisa from n dubz surname?
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Does Tulisa from N-Dubz has cancer?

Tulisa (From N-DUBZ)used to have cancer but luckily she survived

Who is Fazer from N-Dubz dating?

Tulisa of N-Dubz

Who is Tulisa from N-dubz Going out with?

Tulisa is single

The name of the girl in n-dubz?

the name of the girl in n-dubz is tulisa

Who is n dubz's glam girl?

N-Dubz glam girl is Tulisa

What is the girls name out of n dubz?

The girl of N-Dubz is called Tulisa.

Is tulisa married?

if you mean tulisa from n-dubz? if you do, she is not married.

What group is tulisa in?


Does Tulisa from N-Dubz have HIV?


What Is Tulisa From N Dubz's Date Of Birth?

Tulisa from N Dubz's was born in Camden In London (UK) on the July 13, 1988.

More about tulisa from n-dubz?

if you go onto n-dubz homepage it has loads of information about all of them. just click tulisa.

Does Tulisa from N Dubz has cancer?

no she does not have cancer so n dubz lovers no worries