What is tugo mean?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What is tugo mean?
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When was O tugo jesenja created?

O tugo jesenja was created in 1988.

When was Tugo Stiglic born?

Tugo Stiglic was born on November 8, 1946, in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Is the drum head of the TUGO DRUM made of the pig's skin?

There's no head on a tugo. A tugo is an acoustic guitar with no sound hole, that's played by hitting the body. It's made entirely of wood.

What is the description of tugo?

Tugo is a musical instrument made by Filipinos. It is a string/percussion that has similarities with a guitar and it is played in different way wherein string tension is adjusted to create different pitches.

What occasions did the tugo drums are use?

occasions like feast or harvest time

What are the native percussion instruments of Filipinos?


What are the native musical instruments in visayas?

Bayog and Karatong (Percussion tubes). Guimbal and Tugo (Drums) TAE. XD

What are the Philippine wind instruments?

1. Kulintangan 2. Kalutang 3. Gabbang 4. Tugo 5. Bunkaka 6. Daksa

What is a tugo percussion instrument?

This is a percussion instrument native to the Philipines. It's kind of like a guitar except that there is no hole and it's made entirely of wood. To play it they hit it with their hands or with a beater.

What are some ethnic musical instruments of Visayas?

buklot- a four stringed instruments lantay-small flute tugo- drum linguit-violin tulali- a flute madeof bamboo with whole for the tringers

Is there a model that is a combination MP3 player and headset?

Yes, there are a few models offering a combination MP3 player and headset. These include the Skullcandy Double Agent headphones, the Sony NWZ-W202 W-Series, and the Koss Tugo. The company Hisonic makes a nice combination headset and MP3 player. The model is called Hisonic MH601-2G. Yes, you're looking for an integrated MP3 headset model. The Sony W-Series Walkman, Skullcandy Double Agent and the Koss Tugo are some of the integrated models you'll find now.

What is difference between pelton wheel and turgo turbine?

pelton turbine is used for high head low flow but the turgo turbine is used for low head high flow, in pelton turbine number of jet can increased but in turgo it can't be done, in pelton the water hits the bucket once at a time but in tugo it hits more than one