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Tibetan silver is a nightmare, its a myth...its just a on my lunch break now and i reckon my ham sandwich has got probably round about the same quantity of silver in it than any tibetan silver lucky charm on the market...tibetan silver is the name given to dodgy alloys that happen to look silver in colour when they have been contains in alot of cases very very very high quantities of lead...should not be worn by pregnant woman or children...would be safer to make a necklace out of tin foil and call that tibetan silver,pound for pound it would probably earn you the same at scrap value.. Good answer! Yes, beware! However, Tibetan silver actually does exist, but you will pay a pretty penny for it! Do not buy something on the internet that is classified as "Tibetan silver" without knowing the source and questioning the seller beyond exhaustion. Yes, before 2009 much of the Tibetan silver did contain high quantities of lead - if you bought Tibetan silver before 2009 please have it checked and do not let your children wear it! PLEASE - IF YOU HAVE BOUGHT "TIBETAN SILVER" OVER THE INTERNET BEFORE 2009 DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN WEAR IT! AND DO NOT WEAR IT YOURSELF! IT CONTAINS OVER 59% LEAD CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is a GREAT article I found on E-BAY: After 2009, the lead content is significantly less, but the majority of "Tibetan silver" as advertised on the Internet contains NO SILVER CONTENT WHATSOEVER! Before buying ANY gold or silver over the Internet - especially from China, always ask these questions: Is this SOLD of PLATED (all capitalizations highly recommended and how much does this weigh. You won't be suprised to find out that a seller show a picture of a .999 solid gold or silver coin and after asking if it is SOLID or PLATED they will respond that it is PLATED! This is false advertising if you ask me because the picture clearly shows .999 solid coins. So, just ask lots of questions before buying any precious metals and gems over the IInternet You can find good deals, but you have to search very diligently and ask LOTS of questions! Back to "Tibeten silver". God Bless!

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what is tibetan alloy

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Q: What is tibetan silver?
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Is Tibetan silver sterling silver?

Not even close, Tibetan silver is more closely related to pewter. Tibetan silver only contains a small, small amount of pure silver, and many times things advertised as "Tibetan silver" contain no silver at all.

Is tibetan silver stirling or plated?

Tibetan silver is plated rather than made of sterling silver. Cast iron or copper is used to make Tibetan silver. Then it is plated with sterling silver or any other material that looks like sterling silver.

What is a Tibetan dog?

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----The Tibetan translation of the phrase: "Student of the Tibetan language" in Wylie-Tibetan:bod kyi skad yig la slob sbyong byed mkhan----You can get the Tibetan translation of this phrase in the actual Tibetan Uchen Script here: Translation

What is a tibetan monk?

a Tibetan Monk. Lama

How can you tell if something is real sterling silver?

Sterling silver is stamped "sterling" or "925". Other metals may say "nickel free," "stainless," "surgical steel," "silver plated," "WGF" (white gold filled), "nickel silver," "Peruvian silver," "German silver," "Tibetan silver," "Bali Silver," and a number of other things, but NOT sterling or 925. That's the key.

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