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A Breitling Navitamer Chrono watch

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Q: What is the wrist watch mariska hagitay wears in svu?
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What wrist does rob dyrdek were his watch on?

He wears a watch on his right wrist.

Who makes Michelle Obama wrist watch?

Michelle Obama wears a TOYWATCH.

What wristwatch does george wear on Seinfeld?

Breitling sometimes a chronomat sometimes a navitimer.

What wrist does a woman wear a watch?

most women wear a watch on the right side if they are LEFT HANDED a woman wears a watch on the left SIDE IF SHE IS RIGHT HANDED

Why do girls wear wrist watch in rt hand and boys wear wrist watch in left hand?

Everyone that I know that is right handed, wears their watch on the left arm, regardless of their gender. Left handed people often wear their watch on the left arm.

What wrist do you wear a bracelet on?

There's really no right or wrong answer to this question. In my opinion, it depends on whether or not the man wears a watch and where he wears his watch. If he doesn't wear a watch, the bracelet can go on either wrist. However, if he does wear a watch, the bracelet should go on the opposite wrist in order to keep his arm from looking too cluttered. For example, if he wears his watch on his left wrist, he should wear his bracelet on his right wrist.

What kind of watch does Demetri Martin wear in his new show?

I believe it's the latest generation iPod nano he wears on his wrist with a red watch band.

Can watches be worn on the right wrist if one is right handed?

Typically a man wears a watch on the wrist opposite his writing hand; so a right-handed man would wear a watch on his left wrist. To balance, this man would wear the bracelet on the right wrist, or perhaps not wear the bracelet at all.

On which hand does a man wear a watch?

If he is left handed, heMiscrits of Sunfall Kingdom on Facebook wears it on the right wrist. Right handed,.Miscrits of Volcano Island on Facebook left wrist

What arm should a man wear his wristwatch?

A man normally wears his wristwatch on his non-dominant arm. That is, if he is left-handed, he wears his watch on his right wrist; if he is right-handed, the left wrist. However, since many watches are designed to be worn on the left wrist, some left-handed men wear their watches on the left.

What kinda of wrist watch does Andy Cohen wear?

Hello! he wears a Rolex datejust with a blue dial and jubliee band. and it's stainless. i have the same watch and they go for about 8000.00 now. there is your answer.

What slows down a wrist watch?

Ironically, time can slow a wrist watch.