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Your standerd lift is 1.000 lbs

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Q: What is the weight capacity of a standard auto lift?
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What is the weight capacity of the average stair lift?

The weight capacity of a stair lift varies for each stair lift. Average capacity is between 250-300 pounds.

Which is true for a counterbalance lift truck the higher the lift height?

Height does not affect capacity.

What is the average maximum weight capacity of a stair lift?

The maximum weight capacity of a stair lift is around 350 pounds. It depends on the brand you get, but the average is between 300 and 400 pounds.

How much weight does a standard vehicle lift hold?

A standard vehicle lift can usually with stand 60000 to 70000 pounds. It would depend on the actual lift though.

Can a lift truck with a 6000lb capacity at 24 load center lift the following load?

What is the weight and dimensions of the intended load? What is the heighth of lift?

Weight should never be placed on rear of a forkleft to increase lift capacity?


What is the typical weight capacity for pallet jacks?

The weight capacity certainly varies between jacks, but the typical weight capacity seems to be around the 5,000 lbs area. You should expect to pay more money for a pallet jack that can lift more weight, especially from online retailers!

What is the lift for a standard 350 GM camshaft?

Service manuals can be found at library or auto parts store

What is the weight limit on standard car lifts?

The weight limit on a standard car lift is 2200 lbs. These types of elveator lifts are above gound car lifts.

What is the standard weight capacity for stair lifts?

There's no standard capacity, but in general they are designed to 125 Killograms (275 pounds) for standard models. Heavy duty models are usually required for heavier loads and these are rated at 500 lbs. It depends on the model you buy. Most lifts have the weight limit include in its model name for instance the "Universal 400" carries up to 400 lbs. A heavy duty lift will hold up to 500 lbs. There are models that hold 350.

Can you pump up the shocks for over-sized tires clearance?

No. A standard shock doesn't lift, it controls the ride. They are not designed to lift and support the weight of a vehicle.

What is the maximum wieght post lifts can hold up?

A post car lift can have a maximum weight capacity of about 7,000 lbs for four. A heavy duty versions can easily handle more than 15,000 lbs of weight capacity.