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Q: What is the way you think you look?
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How did monster trucks get its name?

I think they get it from the way they look cause they look they look like monsters and they are trucks.

Do you think we care too much about the way you look rather than who you really are?

its the way our persnality is!

What is 'the way my ideas think me' all about?

Look up in the heaven and you will find the answer.

What do you look like if you have autism?

LIKE A NORMAL PERSON.... what, did you think it was a disease or something? Answer They don't look any different, it's just if anything there intellect is different. It's not something that affects the way you look, just the way you think and act.

What is a gene and what does it do?

A gene is a segment of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) that contains information for making proteins, which carry out traits that are passed down from a parent or parents that makes you look the way you look and even think the way you think.

Why do people not like the way they look?

there don't feel like threre are not getting the feel they want to they think people don't like enjoying seeing them in same condition there are in they think people out there will not like the Way they look .

Who do words look different when you hold them up to a mirror?

i think that's the way you can do it

What can writing tell about a character?

Writing can tell everything about a character, from the way they look and act to the way they think and speak.

What does life's a beach mean?

i have no idea do you i think its a way of life that you look at as being a good way to express life

Is dating a problem or solution?

it could be either. it depends on how you look at it. i honestly think it is a solution .i think of it beind a new start for your life , mind , and feelings. so look at it your way if you think im wronge but i think 100% solution.

How do you think of funny stuff?

everything is funny in this world if u look at it a certain way

Are Shih Tzus often constipated?

always... why do you think they're faces look the way that they do!