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Q: What is the typical sleep pattern?
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What is the typical pattern of an infantile spasm?

The typical pattern of an infantile spasm occurs soon after arousal from sleep, and involves a sudden bending forward and stiffening of the body, arms, and legs

In the sentence you want to sleep when you are tired the words to sleep are aan?

In the sentence you want to sleep when you are tired the words to sleep are an irregular verb. Verbs who do not follow the typical pattern for conjugation are called irregular verbs.

Hallucinations are typical occurrences in what stage of sleep?

Stage 1 Sleep

What is the typical meal pattern of an Australian?

eat, sleep, get drunk. meats such as pork with apple sauce and pasta from Italy has a big influence on their eating. habits.

Hallucinations are typical occurrences in?

Stage 1 sleep

How long is a typical sleep cycle in which a sleeper progresses through some or all of the sleep stages?


What is the sleep pattern of an emperor scorpion?

emperor scorpion's sleep pattern is if prey goes by it, kills it.

What are the typical daily routine on board vessel?

sex with a girl and sleep after

What is a rhinos sleep pattern?

well the live in the wild for about 50 years are more

What does a a lynx do on a typical day?

Eat, sleep and survive as does most other animals.

The answer to the question How many hours does the typical person sleep each week is measured in the?


Which pattern of descent is most typical in the US?

bilateral descent