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it is to activate the account on travian, to do so you need to look at the email and open the link on it

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Q: What is the travian activation code?
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How do you use a Travian Activation Code?

To use a Travian Activation Code you need to log in to the e-mail which you registered the account with and copy & paste the code into the box on the log in screen of travian. You can also use the activation link.

What is activation code of travian?

idont now

What is activation code of travian 1?


What is the Activation code for travian server 1?


What is the activation key code for travian for server 5?


How do you get the activation code in travian?

By reading your email it was registered with and clicking the link to it in the email sent.

How do you put code in travian for cheat?

There are no cheat codes in Travian.If you mean the activation code then please follow the link:How_do_you_use_the_Travian_activation_code

How do you use the Travian activation code?

Once you register an account you will get an e-mail to the account you registered with. It will give you a link and an activation code. Clicking the link activates your account and opens another tab. Or you can copy and paste the activation code to activate the account.

Travian cheat code?

there is no real cheat code for travian, even if they are on trusted websites. theres one about you getting 500 of all the natars troops. It does not work.

What is the activation code for cooking academy 2?

You will find the activation code on the email its will say "Activation code : 00000Thank you.

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What is the activation code for gemclashgenerator?

The activation code for gemclashgenerator is 111223457.