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Q: What is the torque settings of 1300 golf1 cyclender head?
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What are the main bearing cup torque setting on a citi golf 1300?

1300 citi golf cam shaft torque settings

What is the torque settings on cylinder head 94 Toyota starlet 1300 cc?

What is the torque for 1994 toyota starlet 1300 cc cylinder head

What are the torque settings on a 1300 Toyota tazz?

Torque settings on 1300 Toyota Tazz are torque to 59 foot-pounds, loosen one full-turn. Then, torque 37 foot-pounds and 68 foot-pounds. Torque sequence is 6, 4, 2, 8,7, 3, 1, 5.

What are the cylinder head torque settings for a ford bantam 1300 leisure bakkie 1998?

The cylinder head torque settings are a list of parts in the torque sequence. It tells where everything is and can be found.

What is the cylinder head torque settings for a Toyota conquest 1300?

30nm -50nm -+90%

What are the torque settings for Mazda 323 1300 front wheel 1997 model?

Agents recommend 185nm. We do 200nm.

What are the cylinder head torque settings for a ford bantam 1300?

what model is it because it vary from year to year for a 1998 model its 98NM. and re-torque after 5000Km to 100NM

1300 endura e cylinder head torque settings?

The cylinder had bolt torque specification is 90 pounds. The cylinder head bolts should be torqued in 30 pound intervals.

What is the horsepower and torque ratings 1982 Kawasaki KZ 1300?


What is the Toyota Corolla 1300 ignition timing settings?

Ignition Timing Initial/Static: 8@Idle C/S

Need head bolt torque settings for opel corsa lite 1300?

Stage 1: 25nm Stage 2: 60deg Stage 3: 60 deg Stage 4: 30 deg Stage 5: Idle for 15 minutes Stage 6: 30 deg Stage 7: 15 deg

What are the settings on your 2003 Honda VTX 1300 reserve fuel switch?

i need to know when fuel switch is pointed up is that for reserve or for full