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Q: What is the tonnage of a Goodman ac unit model H27B32QCBCA?
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What is the tonnage on a Goodman model?

model # GMP050-3 what is the tonnage of this unit

What is the Goodman air conditioning model number GSC140361AE tonnage?

It is a 3 ton unit.

What is the tonnage of a Goodman heat pump model GSH130241AC?

GSH stands for goodman split heat pump 13 stands for 13 seer 24 stand for tonnage of unit AC is the revision of the unit

What is the tonnage of goodman model ckj60-1c?

This is a 5.0 ton 12 SEER straight cool condensing unit.

What is the tonnage of a goodman condensing unit CK36-10?

It is a 3 ton.

How do you determine the tonnage for Goodman AC units?

Look at the tag on the outdoor unit there will be a 2 digit # in the model # such as 24, 30,36,42,48,54,or 60. That is the capacity in 1000`s of btu. Then divide that # by 12000 for the tonnage.

What ton is a goodman model GSH130301AC?

It is a 2.5 ton 13 seer heat pump unit. The G stands for Goodman, the S stands for split, H stands for heat pump. 13 designates the seer. 30 designates the tonnage of the unit. AC is the models revision.

What is the tonnage of a lennox model HS19-311U-2p?

Tonnage means the about something weighs or the amount of BTU’s a unit puts out. . The lennox model HS19-311U-2p is a 2.5 ton unit and has a tonnage of 2.5 BTU's.

Can you install GOODMAN furnace in horizontal position?

It would depend on the model of the Goodman unit.

What is the tonnage on model 10ajb48a01 condensor ac unit?


What is the tempstar ac model number nxa636gka100 tonnage and sheer number?

The Tempstar AC model NXA636GKA100 number is a quality air conditioning unit. The tonnage number refers to the amount or unit of cooling and the seer number is for the efficiency. This model has different unit numbers to determine the tonnage and seer numbers.

What is the tonnage of a goodman air conditioner model number cple30-1c?

That is a 2 1/2 ton unit. One ton of a/c equals 12000 btu of cooling capacity. The 30 in the model number represents 30000 btu.