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Q: What is the tonnage for a Goodman serial number 0608181442?
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What is the tonnage on a Intercity PH5048AKB1?

The 48 in the serial number denotes the tonnage. Divide that number by 12 to get the tonnage of 4.

How do you determine AAON tonnage by serial number?

you don't, it's in the model number. the first 2 numbers are the tonnage

What is the tonnage of an Airtemp Model Number 1262-02K?

What is the serial number? Usually it is in this number.

What is the manufactured date for Goodman serial number 060B202092?

2006 hence,06 at the beginning.

What does Goodman air conditioner serial number 0809611267 tell you?

Possibly that it was built in august of 09

What is the tonnage for model PHK030-1 and year of manufacture?

It is a 2 1/2 ton packaged heat pump. You can tell the year and month made by the serial number. The first two digits are the year and the next two are the month it was manufactured. All goodman and Amana units are this way.

Where is the manufacture date on Goodman Heat Pump?

the date is on the data plate just about the service valves on the outside condenser. the serial number is how you can read the manufacture date. for example, serial number 9805100565, is read as manufactured in may 1998. this is the for all goodman and amana air conditioning units.

What does Goodman air conditioner serial number 9509000600 tell you?

95 is the year it was built and 09 is the month it was built.

How do you find the year of the goodman units?


What is the Day and Night air conditioner model number n2a330akc200 tonnage?

2.5 tons, n2a330akc200 the 30 in the serial means 2.5 tons

What is he rheem ac model reab-2015jms tonage?

The AHU unit does not have a tonnage rating, since all AHU`s can accept a number of different tonnage evaporator coils. Your best bet would be to post the condensing unit model and serial#`s.

Could you list Day and Night air conditioner models and tonnage?

have a day and night air conditioner with a model number 585HJ042060 and serial number of 1985C87813 would like to confirm that indeed this model exist.