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Q: What is the therapeutic effect of Epinephrine?
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Does epinephrine have a glucose-sparing effect?


What is therapeutic effect of a drug?

The therapeutic effect is otherwise known as the "desired effect". The effect we want the drug to do. In contrast to Adverse or undesired effect.

How would you define the therapeutic dosage?

The therapeutic dosage is the amount of a therapeutic agent which causes the therapeutic effect. This is prescribed by qualified therapists for varied conditions.

What is the purpose of a therapeutic drug?

"Therapeutic" means creating some healthful effect. A therapeutic drug is one aimed at restoring health.

Does the effect of epinephrine mimic the effect of the sympathetic nervous system or the parasympathetic nervous system?

epinephrine (or adrenaline in the UK) mimics the effects of norepinephrine (noradrenaline in UK), so activates the SNS, not the PSNS.

What effect does excess secretion of epinephrine do to the blood glucose level?

HYPERGLYCEMIA. because epinephrine increases the blood glucose level by increasing glycogenolysis.

What does it mean by non-therapeutic Effects of Drug?

Non-therapeutic drug effects are those that don't treat the target condition. For instance, the stomach cramping caused by erythromycin is a non-therapeutic effect when erythromycin is used for infection; interestingly, it may be a therapeutic effect if erythromycin is used for gastroparesis.

Which observation suggested to Sutherland the involvement of a second messenger in epinephrine's effect on liver cells?

Glycogen breakdown was observed only when epinephrine was administered to intact cells.

What is therapeutic effect?

Not a "cure" medicated to a "highly functional level"

What do you mean by therapeutic effect?

It means generically feeling of wellbeing

What effect would an inhibitor of phosphodiesterase activity would have?

prolong the effect of epinephrine by maintaining elevated camp levels in the cyto

Adrenal medulla produces what large amounts of the hormone?

epinephrine and norpepinephrine