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Q: What is the the name of the boy in secret breakers?
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What was the real name of the comics character Cosmic Boy?

Cosmic Boy's secret identity is Rokk Krinn.

What was underdog's real name?

Underdog's secret identity is the "humble and lovable" Shoeshine Boy .

What was the little sick boys name in the book The Secret Garden?

The little boy's name in "The Secret Garden" is Colin Craven. He is the son of Archibald Craven and is initially portrayed as sickly and bedridden. Through the help of Mary Lennox and the magic of the secret garden, Colin experiences physical and emotional healing.

Who is the boy who lived?

You mean during her hiding in the Secret Annex? His name was Peter Van Daal

What is the name of batmans secret identidy?

billy batson OK Billy Batson is the real name for the boy who turns into Captain Marvel. Bruce Wayne is Batman's real, or secret identity.

What was the name of the sickly boy in The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett?

The sickly boy in The Secret Garden is named Colin Craven. He is the cousin of the main character, Mary Lennox, and plays a significant role in the story's development.

What circuit breakers can be used in a load center?

The same name breakers as the manufacture of the load center.

What would Max-Ernest from the book the name of this book is secret be describes as?

a boy who always thinks logically

Who is the boy living with anne?

You mean during her hiding in the Secret Annex? His name was Peter Van Daal

What to answer back on A secret admirer note to a boy?

You would probably write hi and what is ur name and also do i know you?

Name a gift you might buy if you are secret santa?

Girl: Barbie House Boy: Remote control car :)

What is Selena gomezs name in spring breakers?

Her characters name is Faith.