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The symbol is called the "star". It is actually a square, standing on one corner, with a short line extending outward from the center of each side of the square at a 90 degree angle. (To determine the length of those four lines, mentally draw imaginary lines connecting their ends, thus forming another square, with the corners of the original square touching the centers of each side of the newly formed square.)

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a snake crawling backward. from the time when the Numuni(the people) or Comanche left their Shoshone(snake people) roots to the north to go south and rule the southern plains. Billy. Comanche

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Q: What is the symbol of the Comanche Tribe?
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You the Comanche tribe a nomadic tribe?

The Comanche tribe was a nomadic tribe, they lived in tipis and moved around.

Did the Comanche tribe have in celebrations?

Yes the Comanche had celebrations.

What Native American peoples did the Comanche Tribe conquer in the southwest?

The Comanche Tribe conquered the Apache in the southwest.

What did the Comanche tribe fight over?

They fought for their tribe!

How did Comanche Indians tribe get its name?

by their enemy the ute tribe

What tribe lives in dry flat plains?

The comanche tribe

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Facts about the Comanche tribe?

it is cool

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the comanche indians played a basketball like game

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The Comanche