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If you think to the atomic number this is 94 for plutonium.

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Q: What is the subscript number for Plutonium?
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What is the atomic number for plutonium?

The atomic number of plutonium is 94.

What is plutonium period number?

The atomic number of plutonium is 94.

The subscript in a chemical formula refers to the?

The subscript in a chemical formula refers to the _____.

What number will be subscript for element b?

The subscript is the number of atoms.Example: U3O8Uranium octoxide has 3 uranium atoms and 8 oxygen atoms.

The elements that make up a compound and the exact number of atoms of each element in a unit of the compound can be?

Subscript (:This is a subscript: (Na2) the "2" is the Subscript.

Why is the number placed below an element symbol in a chemical formula is called a subscript?

This number is the number of atoms of this element in the formula; and subscript meaning is down.

What is the superscript and subscript of the nuclide of hafnium that contains 107 neutrons?

The superscript is the mass number (179); the subscript is the atomic number (72).

What is the total number of oxygen atoms in 5CO2?

10: The total number is the product of the coefficient in front of the chemical formula and the subscript immediately following the symbol of the element asked about. If there is no subscript, a subscript of 1 is inferred.

Is the 3 in 3Fe a subscript or a coefficient?

The 3 is the coefficient because it is the big number before the compound whereas the subscript is the small number after the compound.

The number placed below an elements symbol in a chemical formula is called a what?

it's called a subscript

What is the subscript symbol for Fermium?

The chemical symbol of fermium is Fm; as a subscript in the isotopes symbols is atomic number.

What is a letter or number written beneath a line of print called?

A subscript is below the line, as in 52 or 5x; a superscript is above the line: 52.