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The story of a Hollywood jerk who stole a movie script from a kids homework... AND HE IS A BIG FAT LIAR. so they headed to L.A to reveal his evil ways... CAUSES HES A BIG FAT LIAR!!! :)

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"Big Fat Liar" is a family comedy film about a teenage boy named Jason Shepherd who creates a story for his English class that gets stolen by a dishonest Hollywood producer. With the help of his friend, Jason goes to great lengths to reclaim his story and get the producer to admit his theft. The movie highlights themes of honesty, friendship, and perseverance.

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Q: What is the story of Big Fat Liar?
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What is the duration of Big Fat Liar?

The duration of Big Fat Liar is 1.47 hours.

When was Big Fat Liar created?

Big Fat Liar was created on 2002-02-08.

When was Big Fat Liar released?

Big Fat Liar was released on 02/08/2002.

Who produced big fat liar?

Brian Robbins produced the movie Big Fat Liar.

How much money did Big Fat Liar gross domestically?

Big Fat Liar grossed $47,811,275 in the domestic market.

When did Big Fat Liar come out?


Does David Cross play Marty Wolf in big fat liar the movie?

no Paul Giamatti plays Marty Wolf in "Big Fat Liar"

What was the Production Budget for Liar Liar?

The Production Budget for Liar Liar was $45,000,000.

Who is the bully from big fat liar?

Taran Killan

Who plays janie in Big Fat Liar?

Alexandra brekenridge

Is your husband a big fat liar?

yes ANSWER: Most of the times yes big time. The rest he is trying to get out of it... NO : My husband is as honest as can be. Only YOU can tell if your husband is s big, fat liar. We are not the psychic hotline. Do you have more info for us to go on ?

Who stars in the movie 'Big Fat Liar'?

The movie Big Fat Liar is a teen comedy that debuted in 2002. Amanda Bynes, Frankie Muniz, and Paul Giamatti starred in the movie. It was directed by Shawn Levy.