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Q: What is the secritycode for 5 case -sensitive characters 13 case -sensitive characters 10 hexadecimal 0-9 a-f case -sensitive characters 26 hexadecimal0-9 a-f case -sensitive characters?
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Which case is case sensitive upper case or lower case?

Both. "Case sensitive" means that upper case and lower case characters are treated as different characters.

does case sensitive mean I must have a capital letter?

No, case sensitive only means that the upper or lowercase characters will be remembered as such. For example, if your psword contains an uppercase letter, it will not be accepted if that letter is entered in lowercase. For something that is not case sensitive, this will not matter. In a case sensitive scenario, if your psword is Killjoy1, when typed killjoy1 it will not be accepted.

Is windows case sensitive or case insensitive?

The NTFS file system is case sensitive, but most file tools on Windows are not, and will not allow the creation of two files with the same characters in different case.

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How can i create a password with minimum 8 characters case sensitive 1 each upper and lower case number special character?


What the meaning Lower case alphanumeric characters?

A choice of characters on a keyboard that can include all the numbers and letters (1 to 0 and a to z) is called alphanumeric. If the choice is case-sensitive, meaning that it makes a difference if you choose upper or lower case (capitals and small letters), lower case alphanumeric characters would not include capital letters. A list of alphanumeric characters excludes all the signs.

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sensitive can describe a sensitive person

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