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The second rarest element on Earth is unstable so it does not have a long life (22min.), but uranium is the rarest natural element and is the second heavist natural element.

Actually, there are even rarer elements that last for less then fractions of a second. Some are so rare that they haven't even been discovered.

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Q: What is the second rarest element on Earth?
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What is the rarest element on earth?

In the earth Astatine is rarest naturally occurring element, less than 30 grams for entire crust.

What is the rarest gas element in the earth's atmosphere?

Xenon is the rarest gas element in the earth's atmosphere. It represents 90 parts-per-billion of the total atmosphere.

What is the rarest object on the earth?

The earth element ''Astatine'' which there is only 30-40gram of on the whole entire earth.

What is the rarest single element in the earth's crust?

Of the following Elements;O,Si,Al,Fe,Ca,Na,K,Mg....which is the rarest single element in the Earth's crust?.....i say it's Mg because it is on 2% by weight of the Earth's crust.

Where would a person bump into francium in everyday life?

Nowhere. Francium is the second rarest element in the Earth's crust, next to Astatine. There is only 20-30g of it in the Earth's crust at any one time.

What is the less common element on earth?

The rarest element on earth is astatine and it is located in the earths crust. Astatine's availability is said to be less than a gram in weight.

What is the second most common element on Earth?

The second most common element in the earth's crust behind oxygen is silicon.

What is Second most common element?

The second most common element on Earth is silicon, which makes up about 28% of Earth's crust. The most common element found on a Earth is oxygen which is about 47%.

What is the most rarest element in the world?

astatine(less than 25g of it is present on earth acc. to guiness world records)

What is the rarest element in the universe?


Second most abundant element in earth's crust principal component of sand and quartz?

Silicon is the second most abundant element in Earth's crust.

What's the Rarest element in the world and how much of it is on this planet?

The rarest element in the world is astatine, and it costs $1 billion per troy ounce.