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The color of a star is related with the wavelength of the light observed. Wien's Law states that:

Peak Wavelength x Surface Temperature = 2.898x10-3

Peak Wavelength is the wavelength of the highest intensity light coming from a star.

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Q: What is the relationship between the color of the star and temperature of a star?
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What can we learn by studying star color?

The color of a star is a good indicator of its temperature.

What property of a star can be determined from is color?

Its temperature.

Who discovered the relationships between stars temperature and the brightness?

Ejnar Hertzsprung and Henry Norris Russell,working independently, realized the relationship between a star's temperature and its brightness.Together, in 1910, they formed what is now known as the Hertzsprung--Russell diagram or HR Diagram.It's a scatter graph showing the relationship between a star's absolute magnitudes, their spectral types and temperatures.

What is the color and the temperature of the star Alnilam?

Alnilam is a blue-white super giant star, with a surface temperature of around 27,000 Kelvin.

What factors affect the color of a star?

The temperature affects the color of a star.

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What is the relationship between the color and the temperature of star?

The relationship is that the color is an indication of the star's surface temperature. For example, red stars are cooler, while blue stars are hotter. You can find more details in the Wikipedia article "Stellar classification".

What relationship do you see between star color and star temperature?

Blue stars are the hottest, and red stars the coolest. Our sun is orangey, so it's kinda in between blue (hot) and red (cool).

Who discovered the relationship between a star brightness and temperature?

Hertzsprung and Russell.

Who discovered the relationship between the star temperature and brightness?

Hertzsprung and Russell.

What relationship is shown on the HR diagram?

The Hertzsprung-Russel diagram shows brightness versus color (the color reflects the star's temperature).

What color of a star indicate about it?

The color of the star Indicates its Temperature.

IN main sequence stars what is the relationship between brightness and temperature?

Brightness tells you the temperature and mostly temperature would tell the brightness of the star that we are talking about.

What temperature the star?

you can tell the temperature by its color

What is the relationship between the sizes of a star to its temperature brightness and its position in H-R diagram?

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What does the HR diagram depict?

the relationship between a star's luminosity, temperature, absolute magnitude, and spectral type.

A graph that shows the relationship between a star's absolute magnitude and temperature is a?

The answer to this question is Hertzsprung-Russell diagram

What is relationship between star tempertur and color?

So in terms of of color red is cool, yellow is medium, blue-violet is hot.