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What is the relationship between physical geography and population.

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Q: What is the relationship between population distribution and physical geography?
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What is the difference between physical geography and population?

The first category is physical geography, which focuses on the climate, landforms, soil, vegetation and hydrology. The second branch of geography is human geography; this emphasizes such aspects as the economy, cultural and social systems of a region.

Which aspect of a nations culture is most directly influenced by physical geography of that nation?

population distribution

The relationship of people to the physical features of a geographical region and to each other is a definition of?

population distribution

Environmental geography addresses the relationship between what kind of geography?

physical; human Love, Nessa


Physical geography influences population in manu ways: - Animal habitats - Human living regions - Exploitation regions - Social Cohesion affected by physical geography

What is the study of the worlds physical features?

The study of the world's physical features is called geography. Geography also incorporates the affects of the atmosphere on the earth.

What is physical goegraphy?

Physical Geography is the geography which is composed of natural features and their processes, an example would be Biogeography which is the study of the distribution of species, organisms, and ecosystems throughout geological time.

Describe the relationship between physical geography and world cultures?

Physical geography typically plays some role in the development of culture. Cultural dress codes, for example, may be influenced by physical geography of the area.

Why geography is often described as an interdisciplinary field of study?

geography is often described as an interdisciplinary field of study since it consists of many fields such as physical geography and human geography.Under physical geography and human geography,there are other subfields such as climatology and geomorphology for physical geography and cultural and population geography which are under human geography.

What is the study of the surface of the earth and the relationship of people to their natural and physical environment?


How is physical geography and human geography alike?

physical is Like The Landforms and human Geography is like Population densities ..

What does spatial refer to in the context of geography?

It is the nature and character of physical space, its measurement, and the distribution of things within it.