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Plasma makes up 55% of the volume of the blood. Glucose content in blood cells is different (smaller) than the glucose content in plasma. So the average glucose content in the whole blood is different from both (lies in between).

To get an approximate plasma glucose value, multiply the whole blood value by 1.15. See

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Q: What is the relation between whole blood glucose level and plasma glucose level?
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What carries glucose from the small intestine to other parts of the body?

which part of the body carries glucose round the body? which part of the body carries glucose round the body? Die potato.

Which part of the blood glucose?

The Plasma

What is the main type of carbohydrate in blood plasma?


What is plasma found in?

Blood plasma is 95% water. Other components of blood plasma include clotting factors, proteins, and glucose; blood cells are not part of the plasma.

Which part of the blood transport carbon dioxide and glucose?

Glucose is carried through the circulation in the blood plasma.

What tests are commonly performed on blood plasma?

Fasting Blood Glucose Lipid Profile Fasting Blood Glucose Lipid Profile

How does glucagon change plasma glucose?

Glucagon increases amount of glucose in blood by breaking down of glycogen to glucose .

1 Plasma blood glucose is higher than whole blood glucose by what percentage?

i know it's higher than corresponding blood glucose concentration from 10 - 15%

Is glucose a component of plasma?

Yes. Whole blood minus the blood cells leaves you with plasma, which includes all dissolved materials.

What is the blood in your body made up of?

plasma, glucose,oxygen,etc.

What is the difference between plasma and whole blood?

There is an interesting relationship between plasma and whole blood. Whole blood contains plasma but plasma does not contain whole blood.

Is there any relation between the plasma in your blood and the state of matter known as plasma?

No. Plasma in blood is entirely different than the plasma state of matter. Blood plasma is a water based fluid. State of matter plasma is a highly energetic (i.e. very, very hot, even millions of degrees) mass of material where the electrons have, due to the high heat, been stripped off of the mass.