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I will try to make it simple inshaallah,

HEARTBEAT is theheart musle contraction,and 72 beat/min is the avearage,but the normal range is from 60 to 100,<60 considers bradycadria(slow)>100tachycardia (fast).

PUSLE RATE=when the heart pump blood in arteries and we can feel in distal ends,

The relation b/w both in normal person is the same amount of no.

eg-72 heartbeat=72pusle rate

but in other medical conditions like atrial flutter,fiblation,tachycardia upper half of heart contract more thanpulse rate,some time it can cause empty contraction

And conditions like embolus(clot)in artery goes to phriperal and stuck and cause necrosis(death to dependent part)and we can feel that part pulseless,pale,cooler..and its helpful in many other conditions...

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Q: What is the relation between heartbeat and pulse rate?
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What is the relation between hemoglobin count and pulse rate?

There is relationship between pulse rate and hemoglobin count because as per your blood sensitivity you got your pulse rate high and low so this is true that there is relation ship between pulse rate and hemoglobin count.

Why is a mouse pulse rate faster than an elephant pulse rate?

Mouse doesnt have a pulse rate, but it has a faster heartbeat rate coz its smaller in size,the smaller the animal is,the higher the heartbeat rate it has!!!!

What rhymes with heartbeat?


When you are counting pulse beats are you counting heartbeats?

Yes, your pulse is your heartbeat rate.

Why does your pulse Rate happen?

Each pulse is the heartbeat pushing blood through your veins

What is the relation between pulse rate and breathing rate?

thhe rate is eating ice crem and the breathing rate is eating chocolate ice cream

What is the relationship between a heartbeat a pulse rate?

A heart beat is when your heart makes a 'thump' noise which means it is pumping blood. Pulse rate is when you time how many times your heart beats per minute.

If your pulse rate increase your heart rate does what?

Your pulse rate is your heart rate.

Is one pulse beat equal to one heartbeat?

yes,most of the times both the pulse rate and heart rate will be equal.

Is ther a connection between height and pulse rate?

Yes there is a connection between pulse rate and height.

What are the 2 connections between respiration rate and pulse rate?

The respiration rate is your breathing rate and your pulse rate is your heart beat.

When a nurse is holding your wrist for 15 seconds what is she doing?

She is taking your pulse, or heartbeat. Count the number of beats and multiply by 4 to get pulse rate per minute