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Franklin Gothic Condensed

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Q: What is the regulation font for army ACU name tape?
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What is the font for the Army name tape?

Franklin Gothic Condensed

What is the caution tape font?


How far above the name tape do you wear the CIB on the army combat uniform?

1/4 inch, centered above the U.S. Army tape. SGT Singleton

Where can you find duck tape?

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Is it ok to wear a ACU jacket with flag and patches and us army tape. am 13 years old and i don't do airsoft and i support the army.?

Everything you list here is okay to wear except the US Army tape.

Why are administrative agencies important?

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Name of base camp for HQ 382 da nang 1971?

Vietnam Interview Tape 382-US Army Advisor School Da Nang

Would it be impersonating a military officer if you have an airsoft team with uniforms that have a name tape that instead of saying US Army said the team name and use rank insignia?

No. You would not be impersonating an officer.

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How do you wear the CIB on the army combat uniform?

It is Not worn on a combat uniform.<<< This is not true, the CIB is worn on the left side of the ACU (Army Combat Uniform) above the U.S. ARMY name tape.

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