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There is a maximum time set by law, but I consider it reasonable if the rental car coverage (usually limited to 30 days) has not yet ended.

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Q: What is the reasonable amount of time car insurance in California have to pay on a claim?
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How long can insurance company take to approve a claim and pay a claim?

It all depends on the state the claim is filed. If a state does not have a set amount of time of the company to investigate and make a decision on a claim, they are required to do it in a "reasonable" amount of time, depending on what time of auto claim it is.

What effect does a claim has on insurance company?

A claim is a liability on part of the insurance company. If a customer makes a claim it means that the insurance company has to pay the customer for the amount is eligible to claim and hence it is a expenditure on the balance sheets of the insurance company.

How long does an insurance company have to respond to a claim in Indiana?

In most states, insurance companies have 10 to 15 days in which to acknowledge the filing of a claim. In Indiana, they are only required to acknowledge a claim 'promptly.' No set number of says applies in Indiana. If they do not respond within a reasonable amount of time, the insured customer can contact the Indiana Department of Insurance to file a complaint. The insurance company will then have 20 business days to respond to the IDOI.

Who provides cheap car insurance in California?

In California, there are many providers of car insurance. Some companies that claim to have cheaper insurance are The General, Titan, Esurance and Geico.

What term describes the amount you pay on each insurance claim you have?


Is there a statute of limitations for insurance companies to settle a claim on auto insurance?

Yes, but it varies by the state and insurance companies can extend the amount of time to pay claim, such as if they need to investigate fraud.

How the claim is calculated in case of health insurance?

How much is the bill? Does the policy cover Reasonable & Customary or negotiated rates?

The maximum amount the insurance company will pay if you file a claim?

A limit is the highest amount your insurer will pay for a claim that your insurance policy covers. Think of it this way: It's like filling up a fishbowl. If you file a covered claim, your insurance policy will pay up to a certain amount. You're responsible for any expenses that exceed the limit.

Are you entitled to make a claim if you paid for your 20-year-old son's flying lessons?

A claim...against what, exactly? Is he dead, and you want to make a claim against his insurance? I'd say that is reasonable.

Can you sue at fault driver in California who has insurance if his insurance company refuses to pay your claim for medical expenses or do you have to sue his insurance company?

yes. you can sue an at fault driver if his insurance company refuses to pay your claim. it would not be proper to sue the insurance company.

What is the legal time frame for payment by insurance company of a dental insurance claim in the state of California?

Contact your states dept of insurance and they will be able to answer that question for you.

Will Allstate drop me in California if you file a um claim?

Unless you present a fraudulent claim, it is illegal for any Insurance co to drop you because you file a claim.