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There is no reaction

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Q: What is the reaction equation of heptane and potassium permanganate?
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What is the equation of Heptane KMnO4?

no reaction equation

What is the balanced equation for liquid Heptane plus oxygen?

For the complete combustion reaction, the equation is: C7H16 (l) + 11 O2 (g) => 7 CO2 (g) + 8 H2O (g).

What is the balanced equation for the combustion of heptane in reaction with oxygen?

When the combustion is complete, the balanced equation is: C7H16 + 11 O2 -> 7 CO2 + 8 H2O.

Complete combustion of heptane?

This equation is C7H16 + 15 O2 -> 7 CO2 + 8 H2O.

C7H16 plus 11O2 gives 7CO2 plus 8H2O - According to this equation how many moles of carbon dioxide will be produced if 5 moles of heptane are burned?

Well you can see from your equation that each mole of heptane produces 7 moles of Carbon dioxide when burned so 5 moles of heptane produces 5 X 7 moles of carbon dioxide. I'll let you do the maths.

Is heptane a gas?

No, heptane is a liquid.

What is the PH of heptane?

Heptane has not a pH.

How many moles of oxygen are required for the complete combustion of heptane?

The balanced equation for complete combustion of heptane is C7H16 + 11O2 ---(ignition)---> 7CO2 + 8H2O. For each moelcule of heptane, you would need 11 molecules of oxygen gas.

Structural formula of heptane?

The chemical equation for Heptane is C2H6.. Wrong Answer. Hepta means 7. Therefore, Heptane has 7 carbon atoms. Since alkanes have the general formula of CnH2n+2, if n is 7, 2n + 2 is 16. Therefore, Heptane has the formula of C7H16.

What type of chemical reaction is c5h12 plus o2 equals co2 plus h2o?

The combustion reaction of heptane is:C7H16 + 11 O2 = 7 CO2 + 8 H2O

Does NaCl soluble in heptane?

Sodium chloride is not soluble in heptane.

Is heptane a solid at room temperature?

No, heptane is a liquid at room temperature.