What is the purpose of auto insurance?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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The purpose of auto insurance is to help pay the cost of damages to at least the other persons car depending on the type of insurance it may cover your car it may even cover your car because of fire , wind, and water damage. If you get in an accident an you don't have any insurace you might have to pay a fine and or lose your license.

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Q: What is the purpose of auto insurance?
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Does American Auto insurance cover traffic accidents?

"Yes, it does. Perhaps the chief purpose of purchasing American Auto insurance (or any automobile insurance) is to seek coverage in the event of a traffic accident."

Were can I find car repair insurance online?

The website has a listing of auto repair insurance carriers. Also, it explains the purpose of the insurance and a guide to tell whether or not you need it.

What is the purpose of island insurance?

'Island Insurance' is not a type of insurance but rather than name of an insurance company located in Hawaii. This company provides home and auto insurance for Hawaii citizens.

Which companies provide car insurance in the state of OR?

Companies that offer car insurance in Oregon are State Farm auto insurance, 21st Century auto insurance, Nationwide auto insurance, Mercury auto insurance, Farmers auto insurance, and AAA auto insurance.

Does property insurance or auto insurance pay when a auto owner damages his garage with his auto?

Auto Insurance.

What is the most affordable auto insurance?

Price is the single most important factor for a lot of car insurance shoppers. If you are looking for an auto insurance within your budget and affordable price, must visit PIAM and look into our services. Our main purpose is to help our customer in getting the best services for Auto Insurance and satisfy them after a claim is made.

Can you get auto insurance if you have not had auto insurance?

( maybe it will help you

What is the purpose of a company auto insurance?

Companies who offers car fleets to their employees should highly consider getting auto insurance. This means that if anything were to happen to an employees car, the cost would not put strain on the company.

What is QB in auto insurance?

It is stuff about auto insurance

What is SR71 auto insurance?

What is SR71 auto insurance

What are the various types of insurance offered by North Auto Insurance?

There are many different types of insurances that are offered by North Auto Insurance. These types of insurance include auto insurance, renters insurance, and home insurance.

What services are offered by Lonestar auto insurance?

Lonestar auto insurance offers insurance services to potential customers. Insurance coverage services offered include: auto insurance, life insurance, and travel insurance.