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To check your health - finding any abnormalities such as cancer

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Q: What is the purpose of a health check?
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What is conclusion about reproductive health bill if the problem is in the family relation ship?

The reproductive health bill was established in 2012. This bill's purpose is to get reproductive health for families, such as birth control and maternal check ups for pregnant women.

What is the purpose of conducting a primary check?

Primary check help prevent health issues before they become problems later on. It might be able to prevent diseases on the basis of your demographic, lifestyle and family history through Primary check.

What purpose health appraisal serve?

what are the purposes of health appraisal

What is the purpose of the Ministry of Health for the Canadian provinces?

The purpose of the Ministry of Health for the Canadian provinces is to oversee the health department of Canada and to enforce policies dealing with healthcare.

What is the purpose of a health information exchange?

The purpose of the health information exchange is to securely exchange health and medical information among organizations. The purpose is to improve healthcare information gathering and delivery among healthcare providers.

What is the purpose of an endometrial biopsy?

Endometrial biopsy is used to check the health of uterine tissue in women who have unusually heavy bleeding, this test should be performed by the physician.

What is a PC health check?

This is shorthand for "primary care (physician) health check-up"

What is the purpose of the care bill?

The purpose of the health care bill is so that everyone in the United States has an opportunity affordable health care. The health care bill is highly debated.

Why do you have health class?

The purpose of health class is to give health counseling to the individuals for healthy life style.

What are vitamins purpose in the body?

suppliment health

Purpose of health examination?

To identify diseases.

What is the purpose of creating a family health tree?

To discover your personal health risks and strengths