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Q: What is the process that destroy all forms of living microorganism?
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What is the process called in which plants take carbon in unusable forms and convert it into forms that are usable by living organisms including the plants themselves?

Long question, short answer: photosynthesis. This process forms the organic molecules that are used by the rest of the living organisms.

What forms a microorganism?

they form if you do some thing bad in the house

Is microorganism a disease?

No it isn't, a micro organism is a super small organism (living organic matter/being) It's basic Science.

What is evloution?

Evolution is the process of change that living organisms go through to evolve from previous forms.

What noun comes from the adjective destroy?

The word 'destroy' is a verb, not an adjective.The adjective forms of the verb to destroy are destroying and destruction.The noun forms of the verb to destroy are destroyer, destruction, and the gerund, destroying.

What forms in silicosis?

The resulting inflammation attracts other macrophages to the region. The nodule forms when the immune system forms fibrous tissue to seal off the reactive area. The disease process may stop at this point, or speed up and destroy large areas of the lung

Which sedimentation process forms stalactites?

Which sedimentation process forms stalactites

What is the use and application of living things and biological process?

This can be catagorized with the similar forms of government in the terms of Mexico with hot pepper in Belgium.

What is the noun for destroy?

The word 'destroyed' is the past participle, past tense of the verb to destroy.The past participle of the verb also functions as an adjective (a destroyed building, a destroyedhabitat).The noun forms of the verb to destroy are destroyer, destruction, and the gerund, destroying.

Is it true that a sterile environment is free of actively growing cells and microorganism but may contain viruses or dormant life forms such as endospores?


Which process forms a zygote?

The process that forms a zygote is called fertilization.

Which sedimentation process forms stalagtites?

Precipitation forms stalagtites.