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Call a broker who represents many carriers. He will work with you to determine what kind of policies you need, how much insurance you need and what companies best suit your personal situation. He will then walk you thru the application process and get the policy delivered to you.

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Q: What is the procedure to take a insurance poliCY?
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What is the procedure for adding someone as beneficiary to a life insurance policy?

If its your policy, Just call your agent======== If not, Then NO!

Can a wife take out a life insurance policy on her husband?

yes you can just go to a insurance place and take out insurance policy he will have to be there also,

Can you take out a life insurance policy on any individual you wish to?

no. there are laws for life insurance policy and is illegal to take it out to any individual

Does my insurance provider cover bariatric surgery?

Begin by reading the "Exclusions" portion of your insurance policy. If this procedure is excluded there is little you can do. If, however, this procedure is listed in the "Covered Services" portion of your policy the procedure will be covered if it is medically necessary. This may require you and your doctor to submit an appeal if the initial authorization was turned down.

How long does it take to cancel your life insurance policy?

I have a whole life insurance policy, how long does it take to cancel it, also can I get money back from it.

Can you take a loan out of your insurance policy?

yes you can

Can you take out insurance on parents?

You may take out an insurance policy on your parents if you have power of attorney over them.

Can i buy a life insurance policy on anyone?

No. You have to have an insurable interest in the person's life in order to take out an insurance policy on their life.

Can i take out a term life insurance policy then quickly sell it?

No, because Term Life insurance policy has NO cash value.

Where can one take out a long term care insurance policy?

One can take out a long term care insurance policy from several different places. Some of the places in which one can take out a long term care insurance policy from are: Long Term Insure Me, and Own Your Own Future.

Can you take out a life insurance policy on your mom if she has HIV?

This may be possible - but it would be most likely a quite expensive life insurance policy.

How to take out insurance policy on abandoned home?

To get an insurance policy on an unoccupied property, consult your insurance broker or do some research on your own. This will give you all the different options to choose from.