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Q: What is the policy provision found in property insurance policies that prevents the insured from collecting twice for the same loss is called?
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How many car insurance policies can you have in your name?

There is no limit and no database that tracks this information and prevents it.

Your wife backed into your sons car in the driveway The vehicles are insured by different companies your wifes insurance claims since your son resides in the same house they will not cover damages.?

The insurance company claims there is a Michigan law that prevents them from paying a claim on two insurance policies from the same residence

How does portia saves antonio?

She finds a legal loophole which prevents Shylock from collecting on Antonio's promise.

What health insurance provision prevents insureds from receiving full benefits from several different health insurance plans?

If you are having pre existing diseases which you did not mention while filling in the proposal form,this might prevent you from getting full benefits from any health policy.Even if it is proved likewise, your case may be summarily rejected.

How does Portia save Antonio's life?

She finds a legal loophole which prevents Shylock from collecting on Antonio's promise.

What is short term provision?

A short term provision is a legal condition or cause that's in a contract and requires or prevents either party or just one party from performing a particular requirement on a short term basis.

What hormones prevents excessive water loss by promoting water reabsorption in the collecting duct?

antidiuretic hormone

What law prevents collection agencies from collecting post dated cheques?

The law preventing collection agencies from collecting post dated checks is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. You can learn more about this at the Wikipedia.

What is a pre existing limitation?

A pre existing limitation is a medical condition that prevents you from receiving health benefits or insurance benefits. Insurance companies consider this before granting insurance or benefits.

How can you find out who has an insurance policy on you without your consent?

I assume you mean a life insurance policy. First, no one can take out a life insurance policy without you personally answering the questions on the application then signing the application with a witness which usually has to be the licensed insurance agent. Secondly, the beneficiary has to have what is called an insurable interest. This means that they have to have a financial dependency on the insured person. This is where the person who would be the the beneficiary would have a financial loss if the insured happened to die like in a married couple situation. This prevents people from taking out insurance policies on anyone and basically betting they will die.

Disability ins. benefits pay due to a covered accidental injury. What are the covered accidents?

True Disability insurance does not just pay for a covered accidental injury - it pays for any injury or illness that prevents you from being able to work and earn an income. Therefore there is not a list of specific covered injuries.An important provision to understand with respect to disability insurance is the definition of total disability. It is the definition of disability that will describe the circumstances in which a claim may be payable

What is the definition of material defect?

a defect in any item, whether tangible or intangible, or in the provision of a service, that substantially prevents the item or service from operating or functioning as designed or according to its specifications.