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Any percentages will do. It depends on the shade and hue of purple that you are trying to create.

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Q: What is the percent of red and blue to make purple?
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What colors make purple?

The colours: Blue and Red mixed together make purple.

What does blue and red and blue make?

it will probaly still make purple just a little darker

Do blue and purple make red?

no. blue and purple make indigo.

What does the blue and red make?

Red and blue make purple.

What does blue and red mix together make?

red and blue make purple (not puple)

Does red and black make purple?

No. Red and blue make purple.

What are two colors make purple?

Red and blue will make purple.

What color do you get when you mix red and blue?

Purple.Purple or Violet.Purplepretty colors. aka purple

What colors mixed make purple?

when you mix blue and red you will get purple

What color can you mix with blue to make purple?

Red. if you mix red and blue you get purple!!!!!!!

Can you make purple into red?

no.....but u can make red into purple by adding blue

What colour do you mix to get purple?

The colors Red and Blue, When mixed together make the color purple.Blue and red mixed together make Purple.