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TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS came from West Virgina and was established in 1875 when Glenn McCormick said 'GOD Heals All Wounds' and it got turned in to 'TIME Heals All Wounds'. Hope you like my answer.

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Q: What is the origin for time heals all wounds?
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What is the origin of time heals all wounds?

It means after a period of time, usually years, the wounds turn into scars and the memories fade. Life goes on.

Does time heal all wounds?

Time heals nearly all physical wounds but rarely does it heal mental wounds.

According to a well-known saying what heals all wounds?


How is the economic crisis going to be fixed?

time heals all wounds

How do you get over a guy who doesn't like you?

Time heals all wounds. You will move on.

Why did the US Government give IwoJima back to Japan?

Time heals all wounds.

Is Time heals all wounds plot or theme?

Theme. Plot is what happens.

Who said time heals all wounds?

The phrase "time heals all wounds" is a proverb that has been attributed to multiple authors throughout history, but its origins are unclear. It reflects the idea that with the passage of time, emotional or physical pain may diminish and healing can occur.

What number is Jane Fonda on your most respected girls of 2008 list?

Time heals all wounds.

How can you get over someone when you have liked him for three years?

Time heals all wounds. that really is the only remedy

How do you get over an ex that is still in your life?

The old adage rings true. Time heals all wounds.

How do you tell someone that you love them and get them back when they dont want you?

You don't. Give it some time. Time heals all wounds.