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1) Mark @ 16 Chapters

2) John @ 21 Chapters

3) Luke @ 24 Chapters

4) Matthew @ 28 Chapters

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Q: What is the order of length of the Gospels?
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Gospels in order they appear in the Bible?

Matthew Mark Luke John

Where to find the Christian story in order to checked about Christmas?

In the New Testament, the four gospels.

Why aren't the Gospels Matthew Mark Luke and John listed alphabetically?

They are - in reverse alphabetic order.

Which of the gosple is first among them?

If you are referring to the order of the Gospels in the Bible, the book of Matthew comes first.

Why aren't the gospels put in the bible in the order in which they were written?

Matthew was considered to be the most Jewish of the Gospels (rightly so), so it served as a sort of "transition" (not really the right word, but it will do) in between the Old and New Testaments.

Why are the Gospels in the order they are in?

Because St. Augustine believed that they were written in that order although most scholars today disagree. Augustine was so highly respected in the church that people agreed with him. Their order is also determined by the fact that the first 3 are very similar and are refered to as "synoptic gospels" while John is considered different, so it is put at the back

When was Vukan Gospels created?

Vukan Gospels was created in 1200.

When was Miroslav Gospels created?

Miroslav Gospels was created in 1186.

When was The Missing Gospels created?

The Missing Gospels was created in 2006.

What is the ISBN of The Missing Gospels?

The ISBN of The Missing Gospels is 0785212949.

When was Radoslav Gospels created?

Radoslav Gospels was created in 1429.

Who was four Gospels written by?

No one knows who wrote the gospels.