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Q: What is the one area that you could improve on?
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How can one improve their outward appearance?

There are many ways in which one could improve one's outward appearance. One of the best ways of improving one's outward appearance would be to improve one's personal hygiene.

How can one improve their business and management knowledge?

There are many ways in which one could improve their business and management knowledge. One could read sites such as Forbes for information regarding business and management.

How can one improve the yield of blueberries on plants?

Much of the yield has to do with bees, so you could increase your yield by increasing the bees in the area. In Maine they bring in hives from other states.

What is one way that the student could improve his or her argument?

You could say, "There is no point convincing you that you are wrong."

Would you cut the number of baths or showers you take in half if you knew it could improve the quality of water in your area?

I would cut the TIME of each one in half. it has the same effect.

How might one improve their English pronunciation?

One can improve one's English pronunciation a few ways. One way could be taking classes at a local college or online which training videos and guides.

How could one improve the negative effects of the industrial revolution?

You could do your part to clean up the environment and don't hire kids.

How could one improve their American accent?

One can only improve their American accent with practice. As with accents from any language, practicing speaking with American people will help one develop better speaking skills of the language.

What area of skills do you want to improve?


How could you improve a technological product?

it depends what that product is and how you want to improve it

How could the telephones could improve?

The drop outs or something like that. When your talking and outta nowhere you cant hear but no one has hung up!

Where could one find swing tips to improve their golf game?

There are many places where one can find swing tips to improve their golf game. For example, Mens Health, World Golf, Level One Network and Golf Digest.